Worldwide Logistics Service


Each customer is different. We will analyze your product line to determine the storage criteria that will keep your products safe and organized.

Safe, secure storage starts with the integrity of the warehouse premises.

Analyze Product Line
Each customer is different. We will study your unique requirements and designate storage spaces to match those needs.

Develop Storage Criteria
We offer bulk storage, racked storage, specific shelving options, product segregation, configuration for velocity management, pick lane design and any other criteria needed to ensure safe and secure product storage.
Product Care
  • Bulk Storage
  • Racked or Shelved Storage
  • Product Segregation


WMS Features
LPN Process
WMS Snap Shot


We fully understand the challenges associated with procurement strategies and Warehouse Management Services and share our collective knowledge and experience with our customers.

Leverage our warehouse space with equipment and qualified labor resources to care for your product with consistent Warehouse Management System
  • Sortation upon Receiving
  • Inbound Quality Inspection
  • Active Put-Away to locations
  • Full Barcode Integration to WMS
Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • Pick order to client specifications
  • Pack to specifications and for safe travel
  • Shipping documents and labels


We can help you accommodate those unique requirements, changes, or special projects you need to satisfy your customer. We'll do our best to find a workable solution for you.

We offers a variety of value-added services to our customers.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Applying Price Tags
  • Product Assembly


New Connect Freight, Inc. offers a full suite of Logistics service including trucking(port drayage & transportation), and project cargo(Oversized).